Modelling Homosexual and Heterosexual Transmissions of Hepatitis B Virus in China


主讲人:邹兰  四川大学副教授


地点:腾讯会议 478 127 447



内容介绍:Studies have shown that sexual transmission, both heterosexually and  homosexually, is one of the main ways of HBV infection. Based on this fact, we  propose a mathematical model to study the sexual transmission of HBV among  adults by classifying adults into men and women and considering both same-sex  and opposite-sex transmissions of HBV in adults. Firstly, we calculate the basic  reproduction number R0 and the disease-free equilibrium point E0. Secondly, by  analysing the sensitivity of R0 in terms of model parameters, we find that the  infection rate among people who have same-sex partners, the frequency of  homosexual contact and the immunity rate of adults play important roles in the  transmission of HBV. Moreover, we use our model to fit the reported data in  China and forecast the trend of hepatitis B. Our results demonstrate that  popularizing the basic knowledge of HBV among residents, advocating healthy and  reasonable sexual life style, reducing the number of adult carriers, and  increasing the immunization rate of adults are effective measures to prevent and  control hepatitis B.