Commuter Bikes_ Ride For All

Bike is the most commonly used ride of the world. A number of people around the world have been using this mode of transport to reach their destinations. Commuter bikes are actually the bikes which are especially used by individuals to reach out there place of work. If this bike is used by a student then he would be using it to reach his school and if it is used by an accountant, so his destination would be some bank or his place of work.

Commuter Bike

Commuter Bike


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What bike should you buy ?

MY BUDDY BRIAN SHELDEN AND I WERE pedaling down Riverside Drive in New York City, headed home after having ridden over the George Washington Bridge and up Route 9W like tens of thousands of cyclists do every weekend. We came upon a group of riders, and I heard one call my name. She was the sister of a friend, and we exchanged pleasantries, then her eyes drifted to my bike. “Wow,” she said with genuine shock. “Retro.” Continue reading